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The Still River

The Still River is a cultural icon in Danbury.  For many years, Danbury’s main watercourse was abused by industrial and sewage discharges.  This abuse took its toll on the River, and it gradually lost its beauty and ability to support aquatic life.  The citizens of Danbury considered the River to be "dead”. 

“Rumors of my death are greatly over-exaggerated.”

If the Still River could speak, these words of Mark Twain would be its rallying cry.  Since 1970, there has been an amazing turnaround in the vibrancy of the River.  Significant growth has been spurred by the Clean Water Act, regulatory efforts of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), and a commitment by Danbury industries to clean up discharges to the River.  Additionally, a major upgrade to Danbury’s Sewage Treatment Plant in 1993 dramatically improved the quality of the discharge to Limekiln Brook (a major tributary to the Still River).  Finally, new construction in the watershed is carefully scrutinized by the City’s Environmental Impact Commission (EIC) to ensure that erosion of soil does not foul the River.

The fish are back, and there are birds on the River!!


In 1997 and 1998, the Fisheries Unit of DEEP conducted a survey of the Still River in Commerce Park, which was previously found to be devoid of life.  Amazingly, these recent surveys discovered a vast diversity and abundance of finfish, including bass, shiners, darters and pickerel. The improvements in water quality have paid off!  The River has shown its gratitude to these efforts with this rebound back to life! In addition to fish, visitors have sighted many common and unusual birds on the River, including Blue Heron, Red-tailed Hawk, and a mated pair of Canadian Geese (in residence year-round).

A community celebration of the River


In 1995, the City of Danbury initiated the “Still River Restoration Project," which includes the development of shoreline and floodplain improvement projects in Commerce Park and a “Greenway Trail” past these projects and along the River to showcase this environmental success story.  This Website provides the citizens of Danbury and Western Connecticut with a preview of what the project is all about and a running progress report on the status of all of our efforts.

  • Western Connecticut State University Roots & Shoots
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  • Pitney Bowes Corporation
  • Bedoukian Research Corporation
  • Danbury Conservation Commission
  • Danbury Fire Department
  • Branson Corporation
  • Pitney Bowes Corporation
  • Danbury Garden Club
  • Kimchuk Corporation
  • The Angry Beavers Association
  • Youth Volunteer Corps
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